The effect of alfalfa silage treated with Ecosyl and acetic acid on microbial protein synthesis and blood parameters in Moghani male sheep

Document Type : Original Research Article (Regular Paper)


Department of Animal Science, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran.


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of processed alfalfa silage with acetic acid and Ecosyl on feed intake, microbial protein synthesis and blood parameters in four Moghani male sheep (90±2 kg BW) using a changeover design consisting of four 14-day periods. The experimental treatments were 1) alfalfa silage without additive as control, 2) alfalfa silage treated with Ecosyl, 3) alfalfa silage treated with 5% acetic acid, and 4) alfalfa silage treated with acetic acid and Ecosyl. The results showed that feed intake was not affected by treatments. The amounts of excreted purine derivatives were 12.29, 7.02, 12.03 and 8.64 g/d for alfalfa silage (control), alfalfa silage treated with acetic acid or Ecosyl and their combination. Also, the adsorbed purine derivatives values were 13.46, 7.19, 13.14 and 9.12 g/d for control, alfalfa silage treated with acetic acid or Ecosyl and their combination. Untreated alfalfa silage, treated with either acetic acid, Ecosyl or their combination resulted in 9.79, 5.23, 9.56 and 6.63 g/d of microbial protein synthesis, respectively. The excreted purine and adsorbed purine derivatives and microbial protein synthesis were reduced in alfalfa silage treated with acetic acid and Ecosyl and their combination (P<0.05). There were no significant differences in blood metabolites among the treatments, except for cholesterol values. Alfalfa silage treated with acetic acid alone did not change the nutritional values; however, alfalfa silage treated with acetic acid and Ecosyl improved the nutritional parameters in sheep.


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